■PBL(Project Based Learning)型講義科目の開発支援・コーディネート

PBL PBLは「課題解決型教育」を意味し、一方的に知識を伝達する講義スタイルではなく、学生の能動性を引き出すアクティブラーニング(能動的学習)の手法です。企業などから提供された課題にプロジェクトチームで取り組み、大学での勉学の成果を実社会で活用していく力を身につけていきます。PBL開発・運用では、地域経済界との共同講義科目の開発・コーディネートを行います。また連携大学、他大学の講義事例や先進事例の調査・フィードバックにより、その質を高める支援を行います。

■Assisting Development and  coordination of
  PBL (Project-Based Learning) courses

Assisting Development and coordination of PBL is a task-based, problem-solving approach to education, a teaching method that employs active, experiential learning to encourage students’ positivity instead of lecture courses that simply transfer knowledge in one direction. Students form project teams to work through tasks and other assignments provided by companies in order to develop their capacities to utilize and apply their studies in the working world. We develop and coordinate joint PBL courses with local businesses. Also, we support the improvement of the quality of PBL courses through case studies, surveys, and feedback from affiliated universities/colleges.



■Assisting development and coordination of interactive courses to foster discussion between students and business people

We support colleges in their efforts to introduce workshops in which students and business persons can discuss and exchange views with each  other. We develop and coordinate interactive, discussion-based courses in order to encourage students to be aware of current topics and to think critically about how such topics might related to their own career paths and understanding of social values.