We are an NPO who provides space for learning and practice that encourages each people’s changement to make a society where all those diverse individuals can live happily.

Two Formulas to understanding the Glocal Center

We aim to develop individuals as “GLOCAL Human Resources” who can grasp world trends with a global perspective and bring passion into sustainable development of the local economy and society. Glocal Human Resources Development Center (hereafter written as “GC”) is a NPO established with “All Kyoto” structure, made up of universities, business communities and governmental bodies which sympathize with our vision. Based on our principle of “creating an open society”, we have been working since 2013 to realize a society where each young person can be independent and live vividly in their own way.

2. The Young Generation × ○○ = “Creative City”
GC, as a platform for developing “GLOCAL Human Resource personnel” in collaboration with industry, universities and citizens, carries out following projects:
- Lead PBL (Project Based Learning) programs for high school and university students with Companies
- Developing young individuals as human resources
- Support companies to adopt human resources
- Collaborate with industry, universities, governmental bodies, and citizens
- Hold training programs for developing next generation leaders looking ahead to the future

How do we strive for our goal?



―I want “GLOCAL” to be a space for people from various backgrounds and companies to feel comfortable, get excited about new things and, at the same time, we can keep growing and learning together. That’s the role I want us to achieve.

Nice to e-meet you, I’m Saya.

Let’s go back to 2010. When I was 21, I realized that a Japanese approach doesn’t necessarily apply to the rest of the world; one of the things that shocked me the most was the“Job hunting system” below.

As I got to know to different cultures, it helped me open my eyes to “SEE” my own country. I tried to observe what ‘Japan’ is like from various perspectives and found that Kyoto is No.1 in the world for longevity companies – those which have existed for more than 100 years!!! I was like woah……….

Luckily for me, I met former CEO Mr. Sakakida and he gave me a lots of opportunities to meet presidents of Kyoto companies. I realized “This man is incredible. He is running this company and these companies contribute to our society”. I felt the connection to real society, not just data.

I also met a lot of presidents struggling because their companies were not well-known by young people. I became an intermediary between the concerns of both students and business associates, to create a new way of learning about, discovering and finding their ideal job. Going beyond just for recruiting and finding jobs, we established GLOCAL CENTER in February 2013 to facilitate more one-on-one human connections.

The GLOCAL CENTER began with reforming education to collaborate with local business, to encourage the growth of “Glocal Human Resources” who can grasp world trends with a global perspective as well as bring passion to the sustainable development of the local economy. So far we have coordinated over 200 projects and seen students take ownership of their future decision-making.

Local, Global.
Theory, Action.
Abstraction, Objection.
Individual, Team.
Past, Future

Everything is one, not separated. There is unchanging value and learning in a place where diverse people can gather. This is true, I believe always and forever.
Together we can realize a GLOCAL society.

In achieving Sustainable Development Goals and the current Coronavirus crisis that surpasses international borders, suddenly things taking place around the world feel much closer. Going through this struggle together, we feel supported by each other. These large issues cannot be solved without taking approaches and multiple viewpoints so it has never been more important for different sectors, generations and cultures to collaborate.

I am first able to figure out myself when faced with others. People who have a “different background” or “different interests” help me figure out who I am. It becomes very clear what is most important to me. So let’s move out to places we’ve never been, meet people you never imagined with US. When you overcome the fear of the unfamiliar, your world can become wider. I learned that the key to noticing bias is through experiencing the real world. And so I am able to face up to my current self.

With all of you and my dearest Glocal members, through experience, opening our eyes to the times and engaging in discussion, let’s continue to build the place where we can transform ourselves.

Our goal:Create an open society where young people’s voices can be heard. A creative city, where individuals can be more active and expressive!

There is nothing in this world constant but inconstancy.
-Jonathan Swift

Thank you so much!

Saya Yukimoto
Representative Director of NPO Glocal Human Resources Development Center

2020.1st June


We provide events, seminars, workshops and meetups for international students where you can earn general knowledge of Japanese job hunting system, business manners and recruiting information. We also arrange private meetings with our staff to give you more personalized advice on your job hunting activities.

Kyoto International Entrepreneurs Community (KIEC) is a community aimed at connecting international entrepreneurs based in Kyoto.
We conduct this open platform for international entrepreneurs, or who want to become one of those, or who want to contribute to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Kyoto. Our activities is based on meetup events that are held once in every 2 months. We also operate collaborative events with multiple other international organizations mainly in Kansai area.


For both domestic and international students who are looking for an opportunity to commit to activities which hold social and cross-cultural aspects, we provide projects where you can learn how to bring ideas into realization to solve social issues with a team of diverse people.
We are currently collaborating with a Taiwanee’s social entrepreneur to tackle poverty and environmental issues in Kyoto.
Please contact us if you are interested to join us!